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July 8, 2009

India and Gays

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I did not know how to react to the news item when I read it first.

In a landmark judgment, the Delhi High Court on Thursday struck down the provision of Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code which criminalised consensual sexual acts of adults in private, holding that it violated the fundamental right of life and liberty and the right to equality as guaranteed in the Constitution.

So Indian law dictates terms on who you should sleep with? So gays were not even allowed to have sex in India? India really needs substantive social reforms ahead of any economic reforms I guess.

Well, this is a small but important step in the direction of gay rights. I am not sure, how many more light years away India is from legalizing Gay Marriages? I was really curious if any other country’s law punishes your sex life unless you are under contractual agreement of matrimony and found this.

I believe law needs to draw a clear line between crime and sin. Sin is perceived social, religious or ethical misbehavior, crime is violation of human rights. As long as there is no violation of human rights involved, it can not be a crime.


June 20, 2009

Struggle for purpose

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“Science can explain how universe came into existence or how life came into existence, but science can never explain why. Finding the purpose of life and quest for eternal peace are subjects of metaphysics. Only spiritual inquiry can lead to the answer.”

“Yes. You are right. Science can not answer these questions. Let me tell you why.”


“Because these are non questions. Whatever you mean by metaphysics, it can not answer these question satisfactorily anyway. Why universe exists, why life exists, what is the purpose of life are all incorrect questions based on wrong premise.”

“How so?”

“Because your question assumes intentional design. You assume that somebody has intentionally designed the life the way it is. As if superintelligent mighty genius created first cell, created this exactly fitting nature, designed laws of physics and then set that cell free to evolve in today’s life on earth.
Unless you make this assumption, there is no reason for you to struggle to find the purpose behind life’s existence. Life exists and that is the fact. So stop going nuts over finding the answer to your whys and start living in the present.”

“You sound such a materialist. My Guruji told me to stay away exactly from your kind of people. You ignorant people will never understand the higher purpose and eternal goal of our life”

“Ok, great. So you go and listen to your Guruji’s down to spine boring discourses trying to make your non-existent afterlife peaceful and I go and watch Mr.Bean on Pogo making my today evening wonderful. Ciao!”

While life is yours, live joyously;
None can escape Death’s searching eye;
When once this frame of ours they burn;
How shall it ever again return?

— Rishi Carvaka

February 22, 2009

Every slumdog has his day, but …

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.. some sh!theads are so fcuked up in their heads that all they look for in a movie like slumdog millionaire is offense to Hindu religion. It is as ridiculous as it gets. If you read this piece by Hindu Jagruti, you’ll throw your hand up in the air in astonishment and say what the fcuk?

What is wrong in this film ?

  1. The film shows that Hindus attacks Muslim area shouting ‘They’re Muslims, get them’ and starts hitting Muslims and Muslims were running away. Hindus killing and burning Muslims which gives message that Hindus are cruel and kill Muslims now and then by attacking in mobs.
  2. Jamal sees Lord Ram and his facial expressions are tense. It shows that Lord Ram is some one like terrorist. The child in the form of Lord Rama is shown very horrible. Facial expressions and the pose taken by child dressed like God Rama is very skeptical at that situation.
  3. All characters in this film are Muslims except a few like, begger boy Arvind, Game show host Prem Kumar and Jamal’s girlfriend Latika.
  4. As per the news, Muslim boys are paid to lure Hindu Girls. In this film Jamal, a Muslim boy is shown very kind to Hindu girl. This is part of international conspiracy against Hindu culture.
  5. Hindu boy Arvind was made blind and begger. Again why not Salim, Shaik, Omar?

Listen Hindu Jagruti, when we normal people watch the movies we don’t necessarily profile characters as hindus, muslims or christians unless their religion has any special context in the story. But your ability to filter everything thru wicked glasses of religious divide is unbelievable.

None of the above points (or other mentioned on the site) deserve the slightest attention or rebuttal, they are all rotten and ridiculous to the core.

My personal favorite for year 2008 was ‘Doubt’, but ‘slumdog’ was also a good movie. I just liked ‘Doubt’ more, may be because familiarity breeds cotempt and the ‘slumdog’ was quite too familiar too me to feel any awe.

Congratulations Slumdog for all the Academy Awards!!!

February 15, 2009

Method in madness

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Masses, myself included, need recognition, validation, acknowledgment for their mediocre capabilities
Masses, myself included, need sense of social belongingness, someone to care, something to share
Masses, myself included, need occupation for their mind, 24*7, 365 days a year, entire lifetime
Masses, myself included, need a forum to express their ordinary skills and talents
Masses, myself included, need escape from pain, a painkiller, a placebo
Masses, myself included, need purpose of life to make sense of it

Masses turn to religion
and I?

December 21, 2008


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Sometimes reality reveals itself to you in the most sublime and beautiful way. It leaves you completely mesmerized and when you gather yourself you realize how fortunate you were for having experienced it. You discover a new vision, you see the world differently, life turns into a marvelous piece of artwork expressing itself in multitudes of glorious, attractive and meaningful colors, inviting you to a tasteful indulgence. It is the moment of your realization.

Realization is that experience which removes the iron cladding in front of your eyes to open your mind to the possibilities you thought never existed. Realization is not religious, spiritual, atheistic, rational, scientific or anything else. It is just that – real.

Realization can happen to an atheist as much as it happens to the believer. For the believer, the moment of realization is often the moment of delusion when god reveals himself to the believer. At this moment, he gets dragged into the mystic world of myth and mayhem, probably irreversibly.

On the other hand, for an atheist, the moment of realization is the moment of triumph, the moment of liberation when he cleanses his mind of every thought of divine interference in his life, when he cleanses his mind of every fear of divine fury causing danger to his life and when he cleanses his mind of every lame hope of undeserved divine rewards giving him unfair advantage in his life. It is that moment when you realize that in this world you are completely on your own – neither protected nor disadvantaged. You define your ethics, you live your morality, there are no absolutes. You have only this life that begins with your birth and ends with your death, you probably do not exist outside the realm of this birth and death. Life is beautiful, try to make most of it. Discover your passions, live your love. Life is once in a lifetime opportunity, completely yours – to be spent, not to be wasted in some meaningless vacuous rituals which guarantee the well-being in the afterlife that does not exist.

It is with this realization, the sticky, stagnant cocoon of a man turns into a beautiful, vibrant butterfly.

November 30, 2008

Atheism, Darwinism and Vegetarianism

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Couple of weeks back in his Point of Inquiry podcast, Peter Singer put up a great case for vegetarianism from atheistic perspective. (Details here)

He argued the case on the basis of animal rights and attacked speciesism. The problem with meat eating is not just about taking lives of animals, it is also about subjecting the animals to cruelty and inhumane treatment. I never had any doubt in my mind that vegetarianism is higher form of ethical practice than meat eating and coming across this interview just made my vegetarian dinner more delicious. But I can understand why it could be difficult for other atheists to give up meat for ethical and humanist reason. I guess it is enough for secularists, humanists, atheists just to accept that vegan lifestyle is higher ethical standard and one should aspire to reach there, but he may be limited by his will power to do so.

Around a month back, i had written a post about vegetarianism and Hindus. Although, vegetarianism is ethically superior practice, if one follows vegetarianism only for hindu religious reason without any other rationale behind that, his vegetarianism is no more different than his blind following for other vacuous religious rituals.

Unlike Peter Singer, I was born in vegetarian family. I never ate meat until I came to question myself about my rationale for meat eating. When I could not reason the strict vegetarianism on any other rational ground, I decided to break the oath. I occasionally ate meat just to make a point to myself that I am really not a vegetarian for religious reasons. Today, I am back to being vegetarian as far as possible. I am not averse to meat eating occasionally or accidentally, but more than ninety percent of the time my diet is vegetarian.

It is important to be a vegan/vegetarian and also it is important to do so for right reasons.

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