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June 20, 2009

Struggle for purpose

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“Science can explain how universe came into existence or how life came into existence, but science can never explain why. Finding the purpose of life and quest for eternal peace are subjects of metaphysics. Only spiritual inquiry can lead to the answer.”

“Yes. You are right. Science can not answer these questions. Let me tell you why.”


“Because these are non questions. Whatever you mean by metaphysics, it can not answer these question satisfactorily anyway. Why universe exists, why life exists, what is the purpose of life are all incorrect questions based on wrong premise.”

“How so?”

“Because your question assumes intentional design. You assume that somebody has intentionally designed the life the way it is. As if superintelligent mighty genius created first cell, created this exactly fitting nature, designed laws of physics and then set that cell free to evolve in today’s life on earth.
Unless you make this assumption, there is no reason for you to struggle to find the purpose behind life’s existence. Life exists and that is the fact. So stop going nuts over finding the answer to your whys and start living in the present.”

“You sound such a materialist. My Guruji told me to stay away exactly from your kind of people. You ignorant people will never understand the higher purpose and eternal goal of our life”

“Ok, great. So you go and listen to your Guruji’s down to spine boring discourses trying to make your non-existent afterlife peaceful and I go and watch Mr.Bean on Pogo making my today evening wonderful. Ciao!”

While life is yours, live joyously;
None can escape Death’s searching eye;
When once this frame of ours they burn;
How shall it ever again return?

— Rishi Carvaka


December 8, 2008

Mumbai burns: Real Long-term Solution to jihadi terrorism

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A lot has been said and written about terrorist attacks on Mumbai. Who is really to blame?

Spectrum of all religions, ranging from Hinduism to Islam, inculcates beliefs that range from spreading plain stupidity to being capable of creating hatred based violent societies. The real long-term solution to problems like jihadi terrorism is to tell every such religion – Drop dead!

November 8, 2008

Living without God

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“Living without God – is that a problem? ”
“No, not for me.”
“Really? Not for you now or never?”
“No, not for me now.”
“So do you think life without god could hard to live sometime in future?”
“Well.. now that I am convinced there is no god, I don’t think I am ever going back to be a believer. But sometimes I think it was nice to think that there is someone out there taking care of me, who will stand by me for being honest and pure in my troubled times. Now that I know nobody is watching and I am on my own in my struggle for survival, I feel little lonely in this world. In a way it makes me feel idependent and free, but then I wonder will I succumb to miserable circumstances more easily that I would had I been a believer? I wonder sometimes, I would.”
“Then why are you still atheist?”
“Because ….. because that’s the right thing to do – and I think facing my troubles head-on will make me more miserable in short run, but stronger and more self reliant in long run. On the other hand, hoping that god will come and rescue me will make me happy but more lame. I want to be strong and I am willing to pay the price.”

October 15, 2008

What the average Wall Street trader understands …

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Two Wall street traders bumped into each other in pub one evening.
“Hey Joe, how was your day?”
“Don’t ask man. I got f***d today.”
“Bad days Joe. What’s your take for tomorrow?”
“I think Dow will go up by couple hundred points tomorrow.”
“No, I don’t think so. We are headed further down.”
“Well may be. Who knows?”

Now there is one simple fact that these traders understand, but most religious leaders and their devout followers don’t. Nobody knows. Your beliefs are just your opinions, not the absolute truth. For anything to be declared as the truth, it must pass the rigor of logical conclusion based on sufficient direct and meaningful evidence. Any unsubstantiated idea is nothing more than an opinion.
Every religion out there wants to claim the sole proprietorship of absolute truth and often makes such sweeping claims about god, life, life after death, heaven, hell, soul bla bla.

Here is a great clip of interview between Richard Dawkins and Bill Orielly in which Richard Dawkins stumps Bill by asking “Bill, are you saying the truth for you is different from truth for me?” Can the universal truth be one for you and the other for me? Don’t propagate your opinions in the name of truth.

October 14, 2008

Here we go ….

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Trying to reconcile the new age ideas of science with devout Hindu religious atmosphere at my home, I stumbled upon the realization that religion in its most purest form is more ridiculous than imagining nomination of George W Bush for Nobel peace prize. For quite some time I fought with myself. I could not imagine the world without god. I was basically $h!t scared to reject the notion of god in totality. What if god is there? He’ll screw me royally .. err godly … if I deny his existence. But then the reasonable voice in me told me, what if He really exists? He’ll rather you doubted him and then discovered Him than just blindly accepted Him. I became an atheist!

To me, an theist does not completely deny the possibility of existence of god. He just thinks that given the known facts as of today, it is very less likely that life was created by anybody and it’s way more likely that life just happened and then evolved. I think genuine doubt is the most scientific approach one could ever take in this matter.

The purpose of this blog is to pen down various thoughts as they occur to me and to have fruitful conversation with other intelligent minds on this subject.

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