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February 1, 2009

ISKCON and homosexuality

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It’s good to see a voice of reason and sanity coming out of ISKCON.

Giridhari Das, an ISKCON preacher in Brazil, in his blogpost here ,raises a critical question of dealing with homosexuality in ISKCON movement by recounting an incidence in brasilia, Brazil.
He says, (emphasis mine)

During my touring of Brazil I came across the following administrative situation: an initiated devotee who had graduated from our 9 month Bhakti-shastri Seminary had been giving classes at the temple, and also teaching a bhakti-shastri course to the other devotees. She had been doing that for some time, to the satisfaction of the leaders and congregation. Then she decided to move in with her girlfriend and they signed some paperwork between themselves, making it as close to a legal marriage as they could. The other girl also became a devotee by her influence.

So, a female-female devotee couple was formed. Because she did not hide the situation, the local leaders became disturbed. They then banned her from giving further classes and canceled her bhakti-shastri course to the local congregation.

(At the same time, in this same congregation, a male initiated devotee is living with a bhaktin, and they are not married. He not only teaches the bhakti-shastri course, but also cooks for the congregation.)

That’s typically how you expect religion to respond and ISKCON is as fundamentalist as an organization would get. (besides .. is that what people come to temple for? to find a mate for themselves?Holy molly! that’s some dating service you are running there.. well, after all, I guess Lord Krishna inspires that naturally)

He further says,

The general question I raised when discussing the issue with the local leaders, and for which they could not give me a satisfactory reply, is whether it is fair to ban someone from doing some kind of service on the basis of how they were born.

Why? I guess there are probably gazillion question which they don’t have satisfying answers for. In fact, the only reply you get in ISKCON is – It’s all written in scriptures by God himself.
he then goes on to recount his argument with temple authorities and concludes the post by saying,

It seems to me that IF it is the case that homosexuals are BORN homosexuals (and as far as I am aware, science strongly supports this claim), then ISKCON must deal with this ethical issue urgently, lest we be guilty of the grossest kind of prejudice – that based on the way a person is born, regardless of his possessing all other qualifications.

Okay. Two things sir. First, did you just say science? Religious authorities are way more knowledgeable and superior to science – well, at least in the view of ISKCON. You should have known that. Second, there are million things that science says and ISKCON (or any other religious fundamentalist crook for that matter) doesn’t accept, why do you expect them to make a concession in this case?

I still wish to thank Giridhari Das for expressing voice of reason – some glimpses of sanity and reason from otherwise arid land of banal hypocrisy.



  1. I knew ISKCON would face such a problem some time or the other.It was just a matter of time before it came out in the open.

    Unfortunately (or fortunately), unlike Islam or Christianity, I don’t think the ISKCON fundies can point to the Srimad bhagavatam as a source condemning homosexuality. So now, they would either have to distort some sloka or teaching to make it look anti-gay or manufacture their own books.

    I would be patiently waiting to be amused by what follows.

    Comment by nitwit Nastik — February 2, 2009 @ 2:10 pm | Reply

    • Well, I think the game these ISKCONites play is to use “The Hindu” card. ISKCON has, in reality, nothing to do with Hinduism or Sanatan Dharma. Except for faking to follow the Geeta, after what they claim is the right interpretation, this is just another cult — a rather humble looking but dangerous cult. Perhaps, to appropriately follow path of any religion is okay, be it Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism whatever, but I think the cults with those fanatics are a very dangerous trait. The sooner they are rejected, the better it is for all. Jai Sri Krisna

      Comment by Dan Palmer — February 13, 2012 @ 3:16 am | Reply

  2. Well…the amount of scriptures stamped as ‘Hindu literature’ is so enormous, that you can find some scripture somewhere to prove anything you want. Hinduism is more like a giant octopus – nobody knows any head and tail of it, everything just too convoluted and full of lots of self-contradictory stuff.
    Who knows, there might be something somewhere about homosexuality as well … if not, as you said, how long will it take to make it up anyway?

    Yes, it’d interesting to see what follows.

    Comment by Aniket — February 2, 2009 @ 9:42 pm | Reply


    Comment by ihateiskcon — January 19, 2012 @ 10:18 am | Reply

    • Sorry to hear that and I hope you will find justice and the evil-doers be punished. I personally think these cults should be banned from our streets (see also my comment below).

      Comment by Dan Palmer — February 13, 2012 @ 3:18 am | Reply

  4. Dear All,

    Wowww, lots of info which I am looking for: to put an end to such shameless and dangerous cults.

    Due to some recent online experience with the ISKCON, I’ve decide to share my views so that people may get aware of the reality. At the end its always up to you but as responsible human we should try to share information. I’m against the cults and self-proclaimed “we are the only holy way” orgs now, having some bitter experience in an online forum. After reading this, I thought I’d share mine as well:

    IMHO, parts of the ISKCON (a large fraction) are extremists and of course there are some good humble devotees too. I respect all SadGurus and seeing that some of their followers are calling all saints, excluding their PrabhuPada, as frauds. E.g., Shirdi Sai Baba a demon, a trickster etc. (also claiming that its supported by the ISKCON head), i could not resist and started disagreeing and condemning these ridiculous misdemeanors and being disrespectful of all others who are not ISKCONites (my way or highway!).

    Seems like some of their people understand but guess what ? My account at iskcon was suspended as some of those fanatics reported me. LOL

    Anyways, my partial liking for ISKCON is gone now and I think these cults should not be there in the first place. The guy who complained about me also claimed that I heard the name of Krisna just because of ISKCON- how ridiculous. I hope one day people will reject and throw out this cult, and all similar ones, all together- its not better than groups of other fanatics and all are dangerous in different ways.

    Responsible people should not allow these exploitations and brainwashing to happen in our society. It is our responsibility to unveil the cult-like acts and make people aware of the reality. Thanks

    Comment by Dan Palmer — February 13, 2012 @ 3:10 am | Reply

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