Beliefs, Religion and Reason – A perspective of Hindu Atheist

December 21, 2008


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Sometimes reality reveals itself to you in the most sublime and beautiful way. It leaves you completely mesmerized and when you gather yourself you realize how fortunate you were for having experienced it. You discover a new vision, you see the world differently, life turns into a marvelous piece of artwork expressing itself in multitudes of glorious, attractive and meaningful colors, inviting you to a tasteful indulgence. It is the moment of your realization.

Realization is that experience which removes the iron cladding in front of your eyes to open your mind to the possibilities you thought never existed. Realization is not religious, spiritual, atheistic, rational, scientific or anything else. It is just that – real.

Realization can happen to an atheist as much as it happens to the believer. For the believer, the moment of realization is often the moment of delusion when god reveals himself to the believer. At this moment, he gets dragged into the mystic world of myth and mayhem, probably irreversibly.

On the other hand, for an atheist, the moment of realization is the moment of triumph, the moment of liberation when he cleanses his mind of every thought of divine interference in his life, when he cleanses his mind of every fear of divine fury causing danger to his life and when he cleanses his mind of every lame hope of undeserved divine rewards giving him unfair advantage in his life. It is that moment when you realize that in this world you are completely on your own – neither protected nor disadvantaged. You define your ethics, you live your morality, there are no absolutes. You have only this life that begins with your birth and ends with your death, you probably do not exist outside the realm of this birth and death. Life is beautiful, try to make most of it. Discover your passions, live your love. Life is once in a lifetime opportunity, completely yours – to be spent, not to be wasted in some meaningless vacuous rituals which guarantee the well-being in the afterlife that does not exist.

It is with this realization, the sticky, stagnant cocoon of a man turns into a beautiful, vibrant butterfly.



  1. Well said Aniket. I experience such moments of joy and liberation every time I grasp the size of this universe or look at enormous timescales of life’s existence on this planet. It’s truly amazing and no words can describe such an experience. It’s a pity that some fellow humans just cannot fathom the implications of this reality. Instead they chose to accept the comfort provided by certainty of religious explanations to answer some of the simplest questions which most likely will haunt us for many many years to come.

    Comment by Hindu Atheist — December 21, 2008 @ 11:43 pm | Reply

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