Beliefs, Religion and Reason – A perspective of Hindu Atheist

November 8, 2008

Living without God

Filed under: Atheism — Aniket @ 9:21 pm

“Living without God – is that a problem? ”
“No, not for me.”
“Really? Not for you now or never?”
“No, not for me now.”
“So do you think life without god could hard to live sometime in future?”
“Well.. now that I am convinced there is no god, I don’t think I am ever going back to be a believer. But sometimes I think it was nice to think that there is someone out there taking care of me, who will stand by me for being honest and pure in my troubled times. Now that I know nobody is watching and I am on my own in my struggle for survival, I feel little lonely in this world. In a way it makes me feel idependent and free, but then I wonder will I succumb to miserable circumstances more easily that I would had I been a believer? I wonder sometimes, I would.”
“Then why are you still atheist?”
“Because ….. because that’s the right thing to do – and I think facing my troubles head-on will make me more miserable in short run, but stronger and more self reliant in long run. On the other hand, hoping that god will come and rescue me will make me happy but more lame. I want to be strong and I am willing to pay the price.”


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