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October 15, 2008

What the average Wall Street trader understands …

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Two Wall street traders bumped into each other in pub one evening.
“Hey Joe, how was your day?”
“Don’t ask man. I got f***d today.”
“Bad days Joe. What’s your take for tomorrow?”
“I think Dow will go up by couple hundred points tomorrow.”
“No, I don’t think so. We are headed further down.”
“Well may be. Who knows?”

Now there is one simple fact that these traders understand, but most religious leaders and their devout followers don’t. Nobody knows. Your beliefs are just your opinions, not the absolute truth. For anything to be declared as the truth, it must pass the rigor of logical conclusion based on sufficient direct and meaningful evidence. Any unsubstantiated idea is nothing more than an opinion.
Every religion out there wants to claim the sole proprietorship of absolute truth and often makes such sweeping claims about god, life, life after death, heaven, hell, soul bla bla.

Here is a great clip of interview between Richard Dawkins and Bill Orielly in which Richard Dawkins stumps Bill by asking “Bill, are you saying the truth for you is different from truth for me?” Can the universal truth be one for you and the other for me? Don’t propagate your opinions in the name of truth.


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